Sutchest Jasmin "Poppy"
(Frei's daughter)
Sutchest Sage
(Quickstep vom Hege-Haus ex Sutchest Jasmin)
Sutchest Rosa
(Quickstep vom Hege-Haus ex Sutchest Jasmin)
Spring pointing test - Excellent
1st place (from 10 dogs) Novice working test
Wasir Birkenwald
Frei KS vom Vorstland ex Rixa KS Birkenwald
Derby 1 with 2 x 4h ( search + pointing), Solms 1, HZP 181 points, VGP1 332 points, HN, VBR, BTR, HD-free, Formwert: SG1 (junior)
IKP 2007: Formwert V1 - IKP1 - 136 points

Barleyarch Bourneville at Gamebourne "Rio"
(Quickstep vom Hege Haus ex Sh Ch Barleyarch Primrose)
qualified for Crufts 2007


Crufts 2007

2nd in Spec Junior Class

Barleyarch Kenco
(Quickstep vom Hege Haus ex Sh Ch Barleyarch Primrose)
Spring pointing test - Very good

Barleyarch Tassimo
(Quickstep vom Hege Haus ex Sh Ch Barleyarch Primrose)
Several Best Puppy awards


(sired by Quickstep vom Hege-Haus)

"One of the most consistent dogs throughout this season has been Cliff and Madge Simons' GSP, Swifthouse Crumble, one of five littermates who have won FT awards this season and they are still under two years of age. On Jan 15 at the GSPC held at Brocket Park, Crumble won a first place in this novice stake with one of her litter mates, Steve Parsons' Swifthouse Crusty, winning third at his first FT.
Crumble's wins to date are very impressive with a second place at the GSPC novice at Ford and another second place at the Brittany Club novice at Bunwell; a third place at the first ever German Longhaired Pointer Club field trial held at Launton, and two fourth places - one at the Large Munsterlander Club novice at Launton and the Weimaraner Club of GB at Cranborne. In addition to these field trial awards Crumble won an astonishing ten working test awards including six first places.
Other littermates who have won FT awards this season have been Madge's Swifthouse Crispin winning a third, Jennifer Hurley's Swifthouse Crusader winning a second and Nigel and Roz Dear's Swifthouse Cranberry winning a fourth.
What makes Crumble's success even more incredible was that in August 2006, after a routine anaesthetic to check out an old injury site, she developed meningitis and was desperately ill. Even when Madge brought her home she was concerned about her surviving let alone would she ever be fit enough to continue her working career - and yet her resilience has shown with her coming back in such style winning these FT awards along the way."

Dog World, March 2007

Crufts 2007 - Field Trial Class



RJCh Karpaten Irbis Cinnamon Muffin "Dotty"
(Quickstep vom Hege Haus ex JCh Grettel z Czarnego Dworu)
owned by Karpaten Irbis Kennel, Romania
3xRPJ, 3xBJ, 2xBB, BOS, BOB, BOG, Junior BIS

Karpaten Irbis Chocolate Chips "Baci"
(Quickstep vom Hege Haus ex JCh Grettel z Czarnego Dworu)
owned by Valache and Sevoier Kennels, Australia
2xBOB, 2xBOG, Puppy BIS, Junior BIS