Quickstep vom Hege-Haus


Quickstep is a model specimen for his breed. His progeny include the KS champions Diamant vom Hege-Haus, Nougat vom Hege-Haus, Yard vom Hege-Haus, Kastor vom Hege-Haus, Mondlicht vom Hege-Haus, Firn vom Hege-Haus and many more! We forgot to mention his father KS Yves vom Hege-Haus. Our Quickstep is definitely a chip off the old block!
He has gained many titles twice over as listed below:
12/04/03 Derby winning first prize
08/05/03 HD-frei
29/05/03 Zuchtschau V2
31/08/03 Solms- O.I.E- I. Preis
03/09/03 VBR-E
28/09/03 Solms I. Preis
4-5/10/03 VGP IC
18-19/10/03 VGP I Preis
16-18/09/05 Internationale Kurzhaar-Prufung I Preis V5
He has the most impressive pedigree with 50 field trial champions in his progeny. As if this is not enough, he is the most wonderful dog to take out on a day’s rough shoot making a fantastic companion and game finder. On an organised days shoot he is silent on the beating line up to the point of release, at which time he works impeccably on the field.
Quickstep has sired puppies in Germany, Spain and England with his puppies achieving first prizes in Working Tests and excellent in the Spring Point tests.