10th of October 2010

We have a new litter of puppies out of KS Wasir Birkenwald and KS Argo Seehof. More details in our puppies page.

Donan Seehof became a Kurzhaar Sieger at the 2010 Kleemann Prufung in Austria, led by Siegfried Hofstetter. He got only 4 marks!

Some recent achievements of the Seehof offspring:

Enzo: D 1 all 4 4h in nose 4h in search HN SGJ.
Eros: D1 all 4 4h in search HN SG.
Elsa: D1/D1 SG3
Emma: First place in working test.
At 4/5 months share first place with 18 month old dog.
3-4-10 graded very good in spring pointing .
5-4-10 graded very good in field trial.
25-4-10 graded very good in spring pointing.
1-5-10 1st place in working test.
15-5-10 1st place in novice working test.
31-5-10 1st place in working test.
6-6-10 1st place in graduates working test.
27-6-10 1st place in puppies class.
Emma: 1st place in working test.
Fredie: D1 all 4
Fern: 1st place in working test.

18th of October 2009

3rd-4th of October 2009: Seehof Donan passed the VGP with a 1st prize and was the Suchensieger. New photos from Donan's VGP.

7th of October 2009

6th of September 2009: Seehof Dahlia and Seehof Dora passed the Solms with a 1st prize (all 4) - trainer Mr. Paul Seegers

13th of September 2009: Seehof Demas passed the Solms with a 1st prize (all 4, 4h in search) - trainer Mr Klaus Bomers

20th of September 2009: Seehof Donan passed the Solms with a 1st prize (all 4, 4h in water) - trainer Mr Siegrfried Hofstetter

8th of September 2009

New photo of Seehof Eros.

23rd of July 2009

1st Place for Englacy - On Saturday 18th July 2009 our girl Seehof Englacy at four months old won the 1st place in the Working Test whilst she competed against dogs up to 18 months old!
She scored 20/20 in water. What a star!!!

New litter coming soon - Our ‘D Litter’ from Quickstep and Otti has proved to be very successful with four of the pups taking 1st prizes in the Derby, HN, VBR and VJP.
In light of this success we have repeated this combination and are eagerly awaiting the arrival of our new puppies at the beginning of August.

26th of May 2009

On the 25th-26th of April Donan got 2xDerby 1.

New photos of Seehof Demas, Seehof Dahlia and Seehof Dora.

New photos of Quickstep's offspring: Karpaten Irbis Cinnamon Muffin and Karpaten Irbis Chocolate Chips.

23rd of April 2009

New photos of Donan.

Seehof Dora and Seehof Dalia got Derby 1. Seehof Demas passed the VJP with 76 points.

10th of March

Our puppies are here.

2nd of March 2009

New litter expected next week.

26th of October 2008

We achieved great results at the Dr. Kleemann - Zuchtausleseprüfung 2008, in Germany!

Seehof Argo, lead by Siegfried Hofstetter became KS and also won RCACIT in the Schausuche. In the Zuchtschau Argo was V.

Seehof Conan, lead by Paul Seegers became KS too and was also V5 in the Zuchtschau.

New photos of Conan and Argo.

9th of October 2008

On the 19th of July, Conan participated at the Verbandsschweißprüfung in Nettersheim, Germany and obtained SW1 and was the best dog of the competition.

New photos of Quickstep, Conan and Donan.

31st of May 2008

New photos of Donan.

4th of May 2008

At the VDH-Europasieger-Zuchtschau in Dortmund, Germany, Conan won V1 CAC CACIB BOB and became Europa Sieger 2008.

15th of April 2008

Donan's page is online.

12th of February 2008

New pictures of our puppies.

18th of December 2007

Our D-litter was born.

18th of November 2007

Seehof Conan passed the VBR.

30th of October 2007

Seehof Conan passed VGP with a first prize - 328 points.

19th of October 2007

At the Bundessieger Zuchtschau in Dortmund, Germany, Seehof Conan won Ex1 , CAC, CACIB, Bundessieger 2007 and Best of Breed and qualified for Crufts 2008. Conan also passed the Solms with a first prize and maximum points.

We are expecting a litter around the half of December. More details in the puppies page.

New photos from the IKP.

26th of September 2007

At the IKP in Austria Seehof Argo won IKP1 with 136 points and 4h in searching and Frei's son, Wasir Birkenwald, was V1 and won IKP1 with 136 points, too.

Argo performing in water work

23rd of July 2007

New photos of Seehof Conan

10th of July 2007

Seehof Argo (first from the left) and her trainer Siegfried Hofstetter, after winning the V1 at the Zuchtschau of the Sud Baden DK Klub.

24th of June 2007

Seehof Conan was SG1 out of 9 dogs at the Zuchtschau of the Kurhessen DK Klub.

Seehof Bertine (daughter of Quickstep vom Hege-Haus and KS Ella Madlage) was 3rd in junior class in the Greek Club Show.

Sutchest Rosa (Quick's daughter) was first in a Novice working test, winning in front of 10 dogs!

3rd of June 2007

Argo was V1 at the Zuchtschau of the Sud Baden DK Klub.

Quick's and Charlott's pups are born!

4th of May 2007

Conan got KV 1 in Hungary!

23rd of April 2007

New photos of Seehof Conan

16th of April 2007

Seehof Conan did great last weekend in the shows from Craiova, Romania. At just 10 months old he finished his Junior Championship in 3 consecutive shows. He was also the Best of Breed and Best of Group winner and on Saturday he was also placed 3rd in Junior Best in Show.

3rd of April 2007

Quick's puppies did very well lately!

Lars and Lotta vom Geestmoor (Quick ex Berta vom Geestmoor) got a first prize in the Derby!

Sutchest Rosa (Quick ex Sutchest Jasmin) was graded Excellent and Barleyarch Kenco was graded Very Good at the Spring Pointing test.

Seehof Conan got his first title in junior class and was Best Junior of Breed.

21st of March 2007

We are expecting a litter by the end of May. More details in the puppies page.

Last Saturday Quick's offspring in Oxford won a spring point test and was the only dog to be graded out of 15 and passed with excellent. His other offspring in Yorkshire that is 1 year old won a spring point test. And finally on Monday two of his offspring male and female won spring point test with very good and excellent in Oxford.

13th of March 2007

Quick's progeny did very well at Crufts! Barleyarch Bourneville at Gamebourne "Rio" was second in her class and Swifthouse Crusader and Swifthouse Cranberry were 2nd and 3rd in their class.

In "Dog World" newspaper there was a column on Quick's offspring from Swifthouse Kennel.

New photos of Quickstep, Charlott and Otti in the field.

23rd of January 2007

The Swifthouse puppies sired by our Quickstep won 1st prize in the Field Trial Championship.