KS Seehof Argo


She has achieved so much in her first year of life! She has been very busy working hard and winning trials in Switzerland and Germany. And not only did she gain her derby titles she came out with honours! She won with a 4H in the general competition and then came out top of all the first prize winners. She has also been entered into the show ring and gained her SG1. All reports that we have been given from Mr Hoffsteter are excellent!

Derby winning first prize
Solms I. Preis
Zuchtschau SG1
VGP I. Preis
Sud Baden DK Klub Zuchtschau V1
IKP 1 – 136 points – 4h in Search
Kleemann 2008 – KS, 4h search – Formwert: V
Schausuche Kleemann 2008 - RCACIT