I started my breeding career as a young man of 13 in my native Cyprus. My father was a hunter and had a passion for GSP’s, he had very high criteria for any dog that would enter our house hold (this passion he passed on to me). Any dog that could not work a full day would not have lasted with him.


After immigrating to Great Britain I started working with GSP’s from Great Britain. I had my first black and white and liver and white from the well known kennels of Birkenwald.



After lots of encouragement and good advice from my dearest friend Hanneloren from Birkenwald I travelled for the first time to Munich in 2000 for the Kleemann this was an invigorating experience!

While I was in Munich I watched the top field competitor Bonny KS von der Madlage with 3x4h. I was so impressed with her that I reserved a puppy from her first litter; Ella von der Madlage. Ella was trained by her breeder and she went through all the field trial tests until she achieved her KS title. I fell in love with the Hege-Haus dogs most of all Yves vom Hege-Haus and with lots of patience and the kindness of Frau Stramann I imported Quickstep vom Hege-Haus in 2004.

Frei vom Vorstland
Frei’s daughter


In this year I imported Frei vom Vorstland after his IKP in Austria. When I brought him to England we had a season of working on pheasants.


Frei returned back to Germany where he achieved his KS title.


Ella returned to Germany for the IKP.


Quickstep arrived in England. Ella gained her KS title and was mated to KS Tobias vom Hege-Haus. She returned to Great Britain in whelp.


Quickstep returned to Germany to Herr Hofstetter and gained his IKP in France.
Alto vom Seehof ran under Herr Hofstetter at the tender age of 8 months and he gained his Solms.

In this year another two females joined our family: Charlott II vom Hege-Haus and Otti vom Thuringer Zipfel.


Argo vom Seehof travelled to Germany and started her training with Herr Hofstetter. She ran her derby in Switzerland and Germany and gained a first prize with 4H in search on both occasions. She also ran in the Schau Suche and got first place.
Our young Otti started her training with Paul Seegers and ran at her Derby achieving first prize with 4’s in all areas.
Four of Quickstep’s puppies ran the Spring Pointing test and achieved excellent results on every occasion. They also ran in working tests winning first prize.
KS Ella von der Madlage and Quickstep vom Hege-Haus had litter of three males and six females.